How to create a non-moving wallpaper for your webpage

A popular design element in web pages is a fixed background image (wallpaper). This is also referred to as a

Building a dynamic site

Lets talk about managing a large site. If a change comes around, say a new company logo for example, or

The Photoshop Elements toolbar overview

The marquee tools The marquee tools are used for a wide variety of things in photoshop. The tools come in

Form Validation Tutorial

Step 1 – First create a new page and save it as form.htmlGo to and Insert > Form and after insterting from, point your

Building your first web page

Every day thousands of documents, images, movie clips, animation, streaming sounds, and more are added to sites around the world,

Dreamweaver Tutorial Index

Step 1 – Opening a fixed window can be very useful especially if you want a user to see some useful

CSS tutorials

Style sheets have been around the web for a few years now, but have only been widely used recently, as

Table Tutorials

Like frames, tables have been around for quite some time, and browser support started taking off around version 3.0 of

Mouseover Tutorial

Most of you have probably seen a mouseover at one time or another. This is a neat little javascript that

HTML Frames tutorials

Frames have been around since the early years of browser technology, and started really taking off around version 3.0 of