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Form Validation Tutorial

Step 1 – First create a new page and save it as form.htmlGo to and Insert > Form and after insterting from, point your cursor inside the Form field and go to Insert > Table and enter the values as shown below. Then click OK

Step 2 – After inserting table, type on the left side Name in first row, Email in the second, and Comments in the third row. On the right side insert text field to every row.

Step 3 – Select the first text field in the first row and give it a name of Name in the properties field, it should be single line.

Select the second text field in the second row and give it a name of Email, it shouldbe sinle line too. Now for the third one, give it a name of Comments and instead of single line choose multi line. After the Comments text field insert a Submit button.

Step 4 – Now go to Window > Behaviors

Now select the Submit button and click on the + on the Behaviors toolbar and Select Validate Form

Step 5 – Now from the pop up window select Email and choose Requiredcheckbox and Email Address radio button. For the Comments just choose Required check box with Anything radio button.

Click OK

Save your file and open it in browser, F12. Now test it, try to submit without filling up anything, try to enter email without @ sign…etc.


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