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Dreamweaver Tutorial Index – IceHouseDesigns
IceHouseDesigns Tutorials Dreamweaver Tutorial Index

Dreamweaver Tutorial Index

Step 1 – Opening a fixed window can be very useful especially if you want a user to see some useful things in that particular window, it can be a photo gallery or Rules & Regulations that you want to display when the user clicks…etc. You can display anything on it and you can specify the size as well, so that the window size corresponds to the content size. Let’s get started.Open a new page in your Dreamweaver and put a button, download the button below for your working purposes or put your own button if you have one ready. Save the page as fixed_window.html

Step 2 – Now click on the button that you have just inserted to the page, and go to Behaviors Panel. If Behaviors Panel is not open go to Window > Behaviors (Shift + F3) to open it. Click on the plus (+) sign and choose Open Browser Window.

Step 3 – Now, you should see a pop-up window, as shown below.

For URL to Display option you can enter a Web Address or a page name. For the size of the window you can specify the width and height in pixels. I have specified 500 pixels for width and 400 pixels for height. I know it will be a small window for a page like Google so I have ticked the Resize Handlers. This will display Resize Handlers to the user so that he can adjust it. If you don’t tick this it will be a fixed size window 500 by 400 which will not be resizable. Other options are pretty understandable, you can just try them if you don’t know what are they for.Click OK.

Step 4 – Now you have almost completed your pop-up window, there is one more thing left which is assiging action to your button. You need to specify an action to your button, whether you want a user to click to see the window, or mouse over it…etc. See your Behaviors Panel again and you should see that the action is already specified, in my case it is onMouseOver. If you want to choose any other action just click on the triangle on the right and you will be displayed with other Actions to choose from.

If you want to Edit your window preferences, such as changing the size or url…etc. Just double click on the Open Browser Window word on the right, in Behaviors Panel.

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